Coding for Creatives Thanks for participating in this brief questionnaire. Your answers to the following 20 questions will help generate new tools and methods for teaching computer programming to creative design students.

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In a typical day, which devices do you rely on?1 of 20

How comfortable are you using your computer(s)?2 of 20

You are about to purchase a digital camera or smartphone. Other than price, what would most influence your decision?3 of 20

You need to give someone directions to a nearby spot. You would:4 of 20

A new art exhibit is opening. What factors most influence your decision to go? 5 of 20

You are about to set-up a brand new printer. You would: 6 of 20

You are using a website to learn how to take photos with your new digital DSLR camera. You would like to have: 7 of 20

You are in a restaurant ordering food. Do you: 8 of 20

You have to make an important presentation. You would: 9 of 20

A web video shows a new design technique . There is a person speaking, some lists and words describing what to do and some diagrams. You would learn most from: 10 of 20

Remember when you learned how to play a new card or board game. You learned best by: 11 of 20

How do you feel about learning to program? 12 of 20

Do you prefer a teacher or a presenter who uses: 13 of 20

You have finished a project and would like to receive feedback from: 14 of 20

You have a pain in your wrist. Would you prefer the doctor: 15 of 20

  • You are going to cook something as a special treat. You would:16 of 20

    I like websites that have: 17 of 20

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Age? 18 of 20

Computer? 19 of 20

Smartphone? 20 of 20